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Monday, February 28, 2011

Hola Holiday : )

2 weeks of holiday meant alot to me...but for sure I will miss 'her' for 2 weeks also..sok sok..My holiday began cannot become any better than playing in a Futsal Tournament with my team dubbed the Coolblog FC. I wonder who gave the name to this team. Tourament held in Kolej Ibn Sina, University Malaya. Our team managed to win all the preliminary round group matches only to suffer heart break defeat at quarter final. After scoring 20 goals and conceding 8, we all went back in frustration.

I stayed at Damansara Damai for a day.On Sunday my sis and me went to Saujana Putra to settle her 'housing' stuffs. Pity her that her Sony handphone was lost during the process. An indication for a brand new I-phone/ Blackberry. Later I went back to Seri Manjung with bus. My sis sent me to Hentian Duta, only to miss my yummy waffle at the very last minute as the bus ready to push off.

I safely arrived at the Seri Manjung Bus Station with my parents already waited there. After performing the Asar prayers, we went to Pasar Malam for dinner. Me ate Maggie goreng and ayam percik~ Hehe...nyum2..

Monday started with my mom waking me up at 7 a.m...Guess what? Its jogging time!! I managed 6 rounds this morning and then we went to KWSP together due to some banking stuff. We cooked lunch together and played Mahjong via I-Pad together! Me win a couples and lost a lot!!! Monday ends with me writing this blog and both my parents went to KL..Home Alone~

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Medicine End Posting Bedside Examination

Date: Today (24/2/2011)
Examiner: Dr Anoop
Student: Me
Patient: A Bangladeshi guy (who Dr Anoop can speak fluent Hindi with)
Question: Do the General Physical Examination. ( which include examination of hand, pulse, eliciting collapsing pulse, peripheral pulses, anatomical landmark of dorsalis pedis artery, popliteal artery)
Homework: Anatomical landmark of popliteal artery (Exam also got homework ek?? Got...with Dr Anoop only)

The course of the upper part of the popliteal artery is indicated by a line from the lateral margin of Semimembranosus at the junction of the middle and lower thirds of the thigh, obliquely downward to the middle of the popliteal fossa; from this point it runs vertically downward for about 2.5 cm. or to the level of a line through the lower part of the tibial tuberosity

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Witnessing 'DEATH"

Innalillah Wa Inna Ilaihi Raajiuun...

Yesterday 21/2/2011 was the 1st time in my life I saw and experiencing a man who is dying.
B4 that, in the morning as usual I was clerking a patient who was beside his bed. That time I could see he was in an intolerable state of breathelessness. Though his wife was there with him, but the pain that he was suffering cannot be described with words. An immediate lesson that I gained that time was, breathlessness can range from very mild to the one that the pak cik was suffering.

After having a Cardiovascular class with Dr Sushil under the topic of ACS-Acute Coronary Syndrome, as I was walking back (returning to hostel), I could saw the same Mak Cik (the wife of the suffering Pak Cik) crying. At that point of time, I didn't have the 'guts' to walk and go back from the hospital. There, inside an intensive room, I saw the MOs, HOs were struggling to resussitate the Pak Cik. Drugs such as Adrenaline, Dobutamine have been used.They countered the acidosis with Sodium Bicarbonate Infusion and CPR was also done. That time I was standing at a corner and felt so hopeless. Even the student nurse also was doing something to help that old man, and what is my contribution as a Medical Student? Nothing. I was a hopeless 'amoeba'. That old man was dying.

Suddenly I heard the MO incharge shouted at me- "Hey Medical Student, wear your glove and mask, come here and do CPR! Hurry!" At that time, I was so surprised and cannot believe that something I could do and contribute. Quickly I rushed off and those things and jumped on the bed and performed the CPR. Slowly, I told the Pak Cik to recite the Holy Sermon " La Ilaha Illa Allah"

Pupillary reflex was absent as I checked his eye. His BP continued to drop inspite the ionotropic agents that was given earlier. His pulse was irregularly irregular possibility of ventricular fibrillation. His extremities started to feel cold. The doctor sent a form to the Mak Cik to be signed. It indicated that 'the time' has came for the Pak Cik to meet his God, our God, The Empire of The Universe. I went and met the Mak Cik and told her to be brave, patience, stay strong and reminded her that all of us came from Allah al-Mighty, and to Him also, we shall return. I gave a kiss to the Pak Cik's forehead and walked out from the ward. I knew that, one day, we shall meet again, but for surely, in another world, World Of Justice.

Life has to move on. But definitely there will be a time, that its our turn. Maybe now, next 2 minutes, next week or next year.An 'Alim' person had told me that the interval between life and death is as same as the duration between the Azan and Iqamah.

Before I end, let us together recite the Ummul Kitab Al Fatihah, for those who have past away before us and all the Muslimin Muslimat, Mukminin Mukminat entirely.


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Monday, February 21, 2011

MasyaAllah...Egyptians' Victory!!!

I am pretty sure that all of us knew that Husni Mubarak's regime has been teared into pieces. But I'm not sure whether most of us knew that Syeikh Yusuf Qaradhawi has returned to his homeland for the 1st time in 30 years! What a massive reception for him! He lead the Friday(18/2/2011) prayers as well reciting the Friday sermon(khutbah)! Nearly 2 millions of Muslims were there at the Tahrir Square! MASYAALLAH!!! ALLAHUAKBAR!!!

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Perak FA & Hamburg SV

As many people know that I am a fanatic fan of Perak FA, just wanna share something intresting here...Just now, as I was surfing the internet, I just realized that there is ONE similarity between these 2 clubs...BOTH OF THEM HAVE NEVER BEEN RELEGATED!!!
It means, since the inception of the Malaysia Football League-previously known as Liga Perdana Malaysia, now Liga Super Malaysia/Malaysia Super League, Perak FA has never been relegated! Congratz!!!
The same happen to Hamburg SV, there have never been relagated from the top-tier of the German Football- currently known as 'Bundesliga'. Credit to them also!
I wonder how top Giants teams like Bayern Munich, Werder Bremen, and Schalke 04 have 'tasted' relegation???

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Aortic Regurgitation

Sometime, I use this 'fancy' word --> aortic 'regurge'

Clinical signs include;

* Hyperdynamic apical impulse displaced laterally and inferiorly may be associated with an ejection click.
* Decrescendo diastolic murmur is heard best while the patient is leaning forward on deep expiration.
* Apical middiastolic rumble
* Austin-Flint murmur
* Pulsus bisferiens; increased pulse pressure; visible, forceful, and bounding peripheral pulses (water hammer)
* Corrigan pulse - Quickly collapsing pulses
* Corrigan sign- dancing carotids,prominent carotid pulsation in the neck
* Musset sign - Bobbing/nodding of the head with each systolic pulsation
* Quincke sign - Capillary pulsations of the nail bed (alternate flushing and blanching of the nail bed)
* Hill sign - Systolic pressure in lower extremity greater than systolic pressure in upper extremity by at least 100 mm Hg
* Traube/ Pistol shot sign - Loud systolic sound over femoral arteries
* Duroziez sign - Systolic-diastolic murmur produced by compression of femoral artery with a stethoscope

Usually all these sign can be appreciated in chronic cases.

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Horner's Syndrome

Horner's syndrome or Horner syndrome is a clinical syndrome caused by damage to the sympathetic nervous system.
A classiccal triad of;
1. miosis (ie, constricted pupil)
2. partial ptosis(which is drooping of the upper eyelid from loss of sympathetic innervation to the superior tarsal muscle, also known as Müller's muscle) and
3. loss of hemifacial sweating (anhidrosis)

others->Enophthalmos (the impression that the eye is sunk in) loss of ciliospinal reflex and bloodshot conjunctiva may occur depending on the site of lesion

The clinical features of Horner's syndrome can be remembered using the mnemonic, "Horny PAMELa" for Ptosis, Anhidrosis, Miosis, Enophthalmos and Loss of ciliospinal reflex.

Usually examiner will ask, the relationship between Horner Syndrome & Bronchogenic Carcinomo of the apex of lung.
Bronchogenic Carcinomo of the apex of lung (aka Pancoast Tumor-mostly a non small cell cancer)-->Sympathetic Ganglion Compression in the cervical region--> Horner Syndrome

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Jugular Venous Pressure ( JVP)

The jugular venous pressure (JVP, sometimes referred to as jugular venous pulse) is the indirectly observed pressure over the venous system. It can be useful in the differentiation of different forms of heart and lung disease. Classically three upward deflections and two downward deflections have been described.

The upward deflections are;
- "a" (atrial contraction)
- "c" (ventricular contraction and resulting bulging of tricuspid into the right atrium during isovolumic systole) and
-"v"= atrial venous filling

The downward deflections of the wave are;
-"x"(the atrium relaxes and the tricuspid valve moves downward) during early right ventricular systole
-"y" descent (filling of ventricle after tricuspid opening)

In Exam, all the above will be asked, as they are the basics that all medical student should now, and after succeding in answering them, this they (the examiner) might asked;

# Large 'a' wave (increased atrial contraction pressure)

* tricuspid &/ pulmunory stenosis
* Right heart failure/ Right vntricular hypertrophy
* Pulmonary hypertension

# Cannon 'a' wave (atria contracting against closed tricuspid valve)

* Atrial flutter
* Premature atrial rhythm (or tachycardia)
* third degree heart block
* Ventricular ectopics
* Ventricular tachycardia

# Absent 'a' wave (no unifocal atrial depolarisation)

* atrial fibrillation

# Large 'v' wave (c-v wave)

* Tricuspid regurgitation

# Slow 'y' descent

* Tricuspid stenosis

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Hooray!!! Its weekend again!!!

HAha...its Friday! and the best part of it--> Its weekend!!!
The question right now will be, how should I manage my weekend? Just no my brother called me, asking whether I am interested in going to Paroi Stadium to watch Perak Fa VS PDRM...I don't think so, as I am having exam next week!
My plan are as below;
1.Study for End of Posting Examination
2.Exercises/ Work Out
3.Study for End of Posting Examination
4.Study for End of Posting Examination
5.Finish my Medicine logbook
6.Study for End of Posting Examination
7.Finish 2 Medicine Case Sheet
8.Try to go hospital for Study for End of Posting Examination
9.Study for End of Posting Examination
10.Study for End of Posting Examination

Arrghhh!!!!!-->Study for End of Posting Examination

Huhu..No more 'Hooray' =(

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dream Car ( As for now~)

When I was playing futsal with my teammates (usually, there will be Arif, Abbas, Dinbo & the others- we usually play at Cheng Sport Planet) something that always attract me beside the talents that the futsal players already have in them (such as Arif~) is nothing but CARS (berlambak parking dekat futsal court)!...

Logically thinking, people who play futsal usually fall under medial to upper class group in Malaysia. There I could see them using from 'Protons'(which include all models of Proton) & 'Produas'(mostly Kancil and MyV) to cars like Toyota Vios, Honda City, and if I am lucky enough; Toyota Corolla Altis & Honda Civic. Very hard to see Mercedes, BMW (old BMW ada laa), and all the upper class cars.

Suppose I am working with 'sufficient' income, these are my preference;
1. Peugeot 308- The lowest price; RM 100k on the road!

2. Mitsubishi Lancer- around RM120k OTR!

3. Toyota Vios the lowest price is around RM 72k OTR...(My last choice as it is the cheapest among the 3 and being manufactured by Toyota)

Actually I wanna opt for Lancer, but to mahallaa...Peugeot 308 kinda 'ok' with its price and performance...but still log way to go. By the time I start working, there will be plenty of new cars in the market. Really hope the price will not be so expensive in the future (Malaysia will 100% follow the AFTA)...
But as for now, its just angan2 Mat Jenin...

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trigger Finger

What is trigger finger?? The word trigger finger may be taken from the action of a policeman (most likely) pulls the trigger of a gun.
It is also known as-(by right its scientific name is) Stenosing tenosynovitis. It is an inability to extend a flexed finger. It occurs when one of the flexor tendons does not slide smoothly through the pulleys at the metacapophalangeal joint. Patients will present with a flexed finger that must be forcibly extended using the other hand.

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'Healthy' Lifestyle

'Healthy' is a subjective thing. WHO define the word 'health' as; a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
Eventhough that it looks like a complete definition, but still a lots of people argue about it. As I mention before, it is kind of abstract and subjective and vary from one individual to another. From 'A' point of view, health is like 'this', but 'B' might not agree with 'A'!
Alhamdulillah, it has been a year since I have completed my GM 'regime' diet (You can search it from my previous post). Initially I thought that it was difficult to reduce weight, but after I achieved a total of near 35kg of weight loss, some of the people said that it was even harder to maintain it!!!( Wow, that's another task!)
Ok, in this post, I would like to congratulate my self for being success to maintain my weight in a year duration.

These what I have done:
1. I had my own exercise timetable. I have set up targetted amount of work up for each week. For example, in a week at least I need to go jogging for at least 3 session for at least 30 minutes/session. The frequency can be vary, it is up to you. I also had up other exercises such as swimming(~ 2 time/week), playing football(when I am very busy with my daily postings) and gym work out. Before you start your workout, you need to know what are you doing and what is the target, and after you finish, just question yourself back, "Does my aim accomplished?"

2. Diet. Haha, this time no more GM diet. I couldn't imagine how I have the guts in doing that..but it really works! Ok, currently I try to eat what ever meal I want BUT in MODERATE amount. Bare in mind, I have lost a total of 35kgs so badly, and why do I want to easily gain it back? So whennever I eat excessively (alhamdulillah, my appetite is superb) I will think back of all my effort that I have done it before!

3. Calorie concious. This concept I used in situation like this. When I go breakfast at a Mamak restaurant, I would rather order 'air suam' instead of 'nescafee' not because I am 'kedekut' but it is because, when I reach my hostel back, I prefer to drink coffee while studying. By doing this method, you easily save calories for 1 glass of coffee!!! I also apply this method to other condition, and for sure the conditions may be varies but the concept remain the same. You also try it!

4. Own food timetable. This one you need to be strong enough and dicipline in doing this. If let say, I wanna have 'heavy meal'- chicken fried rest for example, I would rather try my best to eat it before 7 p.m. By doing this, I might not able to eat with my friends because of different timetable, but that is kind of price that I have to pay! But, actually I always eat biscuit (1 bar of small Tiger biscuit) for my dinner for most of the day in a week.

5. Last one for this post, I always give myself a break. Sometime when you wanna go and workout, but your body say that "enough is enough" then it is the time for you to have some break. Forget about the work out for a while. That time, you can eat what ever you wish (conciously) and continue the workout when you feel that your body will recover.

Okay folks, that's it for now. I may not be the most perfect person to give this small piece of tips regarding 'healthy' lifestyle, but this are some piece of puzzles that I have done throughout the year. Healthy is not just about reducing weight, but being fit is surely a part of it!

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I woke up at 7 but arrived in the hospital Melaka at 8.17a.m. As soon as I arrived, Latchna (my batchmate) called me from far saying that Dr Yashodara Rao had arrived already...Oh My God...I'm late(class at *a.m)!!! Hau Hau Hau...(of course, there's some 'extra' lecture was going on)
After all, I'm the 2nd student to arrived there~ (Peace!)
I knew that I'm not afford to do the same mistake like that ever again (I will try my best!), as it was a really huge and gross mistake!!!
I need to improve my attitude~
Cannot be late anymore~
Next class at 3.30p.m--> better move now~
Need to pause blogging for a while~
Just GO LAAA!!!!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Malam I Luv Rasulullah S.A.W

Alhamdulillah,in conjunction with the Maulidur Rasul 1432H/2011M, we(the Muslim residents of MMMC boys Hostel) have managed to organize such a beautiful programme.
A documentation regarding the perception of the muslim in the Western world towards Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. The attendance was encouraging as we performed our Isyak prayers upto 5-6 safs. Brother 'Khairils', Faiz & Ammar had delivered their 'influential' speeches during the programme. Hopefully that, there will be more and more programmes like this being organized in the near future!!! InsyaAllah!!!

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Ayah's Pic In Utusan!

Though I am not a fan of the 'controversial' Utusan Malaysia, but today, my father's picture is in the newspaper (Utusan Malaysia 15Feb 2011 Page 6). The picture shows Ayah standing beside the current Defense Minister, Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi discussing something regarding some of the naval ship stuff.

Bravo ayah! Congratulations!!!

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Me Con il Calcio

what 'Me Con il Calcio' means? haha! Simple, it means 'Me and Football' if we translate it to Italian language! As I have stayed in La Spezia, Italy I can remember some of it languange till now.

I first started to know about football when I was a kid approximately 15 years ago. That time, my uncle and cousins from my mother's side talk a lot of football. Manchester Utd, Aston Villa, Newcastle Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal are some of those names that were ringing in my ears that time!

But the interest came, when I was staying in Italy 12 years ago! In 1998 France was the host fot the Fifa World Cup! Thare are plety of lives matches and I didn't have to stay up at night to watch it (like now) as France and Italy shares the same time zone!!!

The 1998 World Cup showed France beat Italy in a penalty shoot out in the semifinal and eventually won against Brazil 3-0 in the Final thanks to goals from Zinedine Zidane's header and a late Emmanuel Petit's goal!!

As times goes on, the interest raise up to the sky!!!
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Mesir a.k.a Egypt

Egypt the land of al-Anbiya'(prophets), but let us don't forget, it is also the land of 'al-Firauns'.
There are lots of history telling us the events that had occured in this famous land, beginning with the days of Prophet Musa A.S(though the Westerns call him Mosses, but I will always call him Musa Alaihissalam), to the days of As Syahid Al Imam Hassan Al Banna, currently to the downfallen regime of Husni Mubarak!!!

As a Muslim who are 'following' far from Malaysia, I've learned so many things here.

1.Money and Power will make us becoming more greedy day by day.
2.There is no guarantee that any goverment in this world will last forever, EXCEPT the Goverment Of Allah S.W.T.
3.The people's voices need to be respected in any circumstaces! Don't think that the people nowadays are stupid and can be fooled around!
4.A 'true freedom' of Egypt will InsyaAllah lead to the 'freedom' of Palestine and the other Arabian coutries.
5. Egypt a.k.a Mesir has been highlighted with many stories, controversies, dramas since the days of Prophets, now, and I expect as well in the future.

As for now, congratulations to my fellow Muslim Brother and Sister in Egypt. You deserve this victory! Barakallahualaikum Ajmaiin!!!

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Perak FA; A New Era!!!

Kejor Yob Kejor!!!Ipoh mali Talak Sombong!!!
After 3 matches, 2 win and a draw is enough to put my BELOVED PERAK FA 2nd place in MSL standings! Well done!! Tonight match Vs Kedah FA!!..Hopefully we can beat them down!!!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Buzzer~

Alhamdulillah, me begin my weekend with 'Qiamullail' programme held in Masjid FahurRahman, Pengkalan Rama, Melaka. Though there was some unnecessary incidence;(thief-stealing,happen to my friend, and thank God it wasn't happen to me...) apart from that the programme finished succesfully~

Football, though Man U won Vs Man City, but the biggest result was Perak won 2-0 Vs Negeri 9!!! Haha, Negeri 9 have four Malaysia squad player that has won Vs Hong Kong a week ago!!! Congratz! Ipoh Mali Talak Sombong!!!

Medicine 2nd Block Test- Hau Hau Hau Hau!!! Still a lot to cover!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lost & Found!!!

Haha, I even couldn't remember when is the last time I lost my 2nd handphone~ I think it was around 2-3 (might be 4) months ago!
But today, actually just now, for the past 30 minutes I found it back from the library!
The librarian returned it to me back!!! h
Actually, I thought I misplaced it in my hostel room, and even considerd 'pasrah and redha' about the lost!!

Welcome Back Blue Handphone!!!

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Lipid Profile~HDL? LDL?

OMG!!!What a freaking result!!! My LDL level is elevated more than the normal range!!! Oh no~ --> Athersosclerosis will sets in~ huhu~ sok sok...

In simple words,LDL is kinda 'bad' fat (lipid) that will cause oxidative stress to the capillary endothelium, cause formation of the foam cells and promoting ATHEROSCLEROSIS!!
While HDL is a good fat that will counter the roles of LDL.
High HDL is GOOD whereas high LDL is BAD!
High HDL is a good sign. Thanx God my HDL level is much higher (as one of the way to raise the HDL is by having good exercises & I always go to the gym doing my jogging, for most of the days in a week :P )

Yezza~ My fasting Blood Glucose is very well controlled!!!

My solutions here are;

1. I need to start to concentrate doing more weight lifting as it help alot it burning that damn fat!
2. Reducing high calorie intake! Say NO to FAT! FAT is BAD!

P/s- My name is Syauqi~ Not SYAUFI!

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Post Friendly Match B21 vs B22 Team Talk

This evening Batch 21 Vs Batch 22 played a friendly match which ended 1-0 for B21 thanx from a superb goal from our Midfield/LB dynamo--> Hariz Zahri.

The match started with B21 playing 4-5-1 with Me in goal, back 4 was Ustad, Syoid, Abbas D'Maria, and Hariz. In Midfield, we have Fernando Torrep (RW), Syahir Obi Mikel(DM), Din'BO'singwa(Utility), Henry Rushdi (CM), Syahriman(LW). 'Lim C-Baros' playing alone upfront.

During the 1st half, B22 had lots of possession, and they control the ball more than us. But due to our patient, courage and detrminantion, we were able to absorb all kinds of their (B22) attacks. Nothing much happen in the 1st half.

Half time: score 0-0

In the second half, with few subtituitions coming in, the game changed slightly. B21 able to hold the ball much more longer, and this time Hariz Zahri played as a CM,with Abbas D'Maria pushed to LB to accommodate Asyraf D'import at CB.
The nervy moments came from their Wing wizard Khalis Amali via a free kick, that was earlier conceded by our tough tackling Syoid. With our GK(me) almost beaten-as the ball hit the bar, it was a huge relief from our side.
Later from a great interchange play between Torrep and Hariz on the right side of the field, B21 scored a marvellous goal (a classy finish) with opposition GK well beaten!
Another attack came from their striker, Karthik D'Adebayor(because he was wearing no 6) but the ball went INCHES wide. Soon after than the match ended via the Azan from Surau Desa Baru

Match ended B21 1 - 0 B22

Good game guys!

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Monday, February 7, 2011

'Sister' at Melaka GH

'Sister' is actually 'KJ' or Ketua Jururawat when we mention in Bahasa. This conversation happened between me and one of the Melaka GH sister this morning~

Me: Excuse me sister, I've asked the doctor's permission to do an ECG for my own log book, and she(a female doc) allowed me to do so.

Sister: Haiyoo, why can't you just take one of the ECG from the patient's file and just photostate it. ECG is very expansive tau! One ECG will cost around RM 25 and you just simply take it for yourself! You kindda wasting the goverment's money! And some more, the patient wanna have a good rest! Why you need to disturb them?

The Sister again added: By the way, you are from Manipal College, a private college, so I think you have to pay for it.

Then I answered: Sister, even though I am studying in Manipal College, but I am a JPA scholar! I am under contract for 10 years!

Sister: Owh, a JPA student rupanya! Nevermind, nevermind~ Staff nurse!( the sister called a staff nurse) Please help this boy (me) with his ECG stuff, later in 10 years time, he will be your specialist! Quick!

Me: Thank you, by the way, do I need to pay?

Sister: No need maa~ JPA scholar is goverment servant! Later you work with us!

HAha, I think it is quite FUNNY laa...hahahaha...ECG owh ECG!

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Post Lethargic CNY

So sad that the holiday finished already~

1. Ayah bought a brand new Samsung LED TV 54 inches! Wow! Awesome!

2. 1st time in my holiday I didn't play PS2 as Syahmi is going to have exam in March/April..

3. I didn't even open my books during my holidays~ huhu..sad2...

4. Ibu cook alot of marvellous dishes at home! Lasagna, Pizza, Nasi Lemak, Nasi Daging etc...thanx ibu!! sayang ibu!!

5. The journey back to Melaka was very exhausted! And the traffic heading towars KL was freaking bad!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Chelsea FC Dream Team...

Check this out....

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Hola Torres! Hola!!!!

Torres signed for Chelsea! Chelsea new no 9!!! Hola Torres! Hola!!!!

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CNY 2011....

Yezza...haha...happy to live in a country with multiracial citizen..at least we have a lots of holiday...for this year CNY I have 4.5 days holiday (including saturday and sunday)
Pre CNY events;

1.Monday 31st January 2011- Jumpa Abdul Aziz Al Hakim Bin Ahmad Fikri

2.Tuesday 1st Feb 2011-
Medicine Block test as early as 7.30a.m ( what? 0730? aha...so early right?
No evening class as the schedule was compressed so that all the Chinese students can have an extra poteng day
Football Match Batch 21 Selection Vs MMMC Staff (match ended staff won 4-3 p/s memang sengaja bagi kalah..hehe)
CNY Eve Night Futsal Game- 2hours non stop. Huh...very tiring~ Later lepak at Mamak and watch WWE.

3.Wednesday 2nd Feb 2011-
Went to Melaka GH for Medicine posting. Class thought by Dr Anoop but finished very early. Lot of absentees. haha...
Went back to Manjung with my parents (jumpe dekat Damansara Damai) p/s Hariz Jaafar ikut sampai Manjung~

4. Thursday 3rd Feb 2011- Family Jogging and breakfast!!!

5. Still alot to come for this CNY!!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

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