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Monday, April 26, 2010

New week and ward....

New week, new ward..hahaha
last week--> ward C4
this week--> ward AG
...as usual, i dun have to tell about the buzziness of my daily life-clearkig case, studying new things, etc.

1.Today, I met with an 'apek' ~60++, someone told me that, he and his sister( i thought his wife actually) were not corperative. Initially I quite scared to ask history from them, but after made myself brave enough I confront them and suprisingly they were not reluctant at all!!! The history taking went well, but i couldn't finish it, as he wanted to have some rest ( he slept, huhu...).
Pengajaran from this story- people say that, don't judge a book from its cover, and its totally true!!!

2. This quite interesting...I met with a visitor, she brought her daughter( around 3 years old kid) along with her, but the hospital staff prevent the kid from entering the ward..

Here is part of the conversation between me and the kid..

ME-Adik berapa tahun?
Kid- ( malu2)
ME-Dah belajar blom?
Kid- Dah..pergi tadika...
ME- Belajar apa?
Kid- Matematik
ME- Pandailaa... 2+4 berape?
Kid- ( macam x tau aje...susah kot)
ME- Oklaaa...1+1 berape?
Kid- 2...
ME- Pandailaa...hurm..adik rasa2 laaa..abg nie orang jahat ke baik? ( that time i'm wearing labcoat)
Kid- Mestilaa orang baik!! (sambil senyum)
ME- Kenape?
Kid- Sebab abg doktor! Mana ade doktor jahat! ( senyum2 lagi...)

Haha..that's it...lawak jugak...perception budak/ masyarakat dekat doktor...
Hurm...ade je doktor jahat dik ooi...tapi, mostly doctors are good people...haha..that's all for this time....ciao!!

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lalalalaala~ Just 5 things to share~

1. Regarding my previous post--> Rough, tough and buff is medical term form positive culture of Mycobacterium tuberculosis on Sebauroud Dextrose Agar.

2.Actually toninght I am workless... sometimes, I couldn't understand why my body refuse to study...Hurm...But Prof Razak said, " If a student doesn't study, he is jobless because a student's job is only STUDY!"
~As for tonight ONLY, I am JOBLESS..huhu...

3.My short term future plans:
a) Going back to Manjung during Hari Wesak
b) Visiting Mak Ngah after she come back from Morocco
c) Servicing my mom's car if not done by my parents ( hau hau hau )-->provided duit Jpa daa masuk laa....
d) Train jadi GK balik...(td dalam kereta time dinner, geng2 daa bising daa, suro jadi macam pak wan...hurm, nie sean laa...haha i try my best k...)

4. Iron Man 2 daa nak kuar. Sebab nie priority, so x masuk dengan plan dekat atas..hauhauhau

5. PKR kalah dalam by elction Hulu Selangor. As expected. Something need to be done. Image PKR agak tercalar bcoz of many things. Lompat parti, jd bebas, isu moral etc. So, if i wanna start talking about politics, it gonna take hell long time to finish. Better don't start it.

Sekian utk kali ini...
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Sometimes, it feels damn good being in a ferry~

These pics were taken 2 months back~ Me visiting my grandparents in Sg Dua...The one in the pic is my Wan. He is 70++ ( still rough, tuff and buff-as I used in medical term for the description off....OMG I forgot..huhu) Act, we were heading to Kassim Mustapha Nasi Kandar all along with that bike....

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Aish...apa laa aku nie...tulis blog on and off...

Hurm....1st of all...im kind a 'tension' with myself sometimes...xnot wite my blog as same as my sis...
1. she got a very nice blog...hope my blog will be at least not to 'inferior' than her...
2. Just wanna update myself..cause Prof Datuk Razak last time told us during the orientation day not to waste our time blogging, but...i just spend too little time with this blog, so it shouldn't be any prob if i write something kan? hehe..huhu..
3. As a summary, I came back from India n the 14th of Feb 2010...( missed Manipal-Huhu)
I spent beautiful time-5 weeks with my family-plus tok and wan & toktan and mak
I registered for my Phase 2 MMMC on 22nd Mac
Finished my ONG posting- quite disaster especially with someone..huhu..nevermind, just part and parcel of this field...and now i'm in medicine posting...
4. Next time laa i share something pasal posting medicine nie....

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