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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Me as GOALKEEPER?? Part 1

Camner nak start citer kat korang semua?? Actually lots of hurdles, sweet and bad memories of becoming a goalie...

La Spezia,Italy (Yeah, Forza Italia!!!)

It started when I was 11 years of age...yeah when I was in Italy...my friends there asked me to stand in between the two post..which means --> Become a goalkeeper laa...when i had free time..( usually i had..hoho biasaklaa budak2 mestilaa banyak mase) I played with the Italians...a i kept playing with them, they thought me how to catch the ball, how to make saves, and all the basic aspect of becoming a goalkeeper...but i knew that for a 11 years old kid, im not that GOOD...( yalaa..main biasaq2 ajer)...


so when i entered my secondary school ( of coz dekat malaysia sebab dah balik daa time tue..aug 1998 i went back to malaysia)...I played my first ever major tournament..my squad consist of all the form 1 students that time...if im not mistaken, scorpio city is the team. I gave the name.hoho...I managed to play a single game as a Goalkeeper...and on that match, as usual for form 1 student, we lost...and i conceded 2 goals ( kalo aku tak silap laa) but i kept fine goalkeeping displays..not bad for a debutant...but...to make things easy...i thought that at that particular time...i don want to further in football because there are lots of good lads in the school. Many good goalkeeper also. I just focussed on studies..But one moment that i can't forget until now is, i've asked my friend , who is also a goalkeeper to share some of his goalkeepingknowledge with me. That time i was in form 2. His name is Khairul Adli aka KADOL. ( Aku tak taulaa kalu orang panggil hang kadol lagi, tapi kadol...Thanx very Much!)...


Generally most of my friends will remember me as a member of the college rugby team..yeah, i was the number 1 in the squad. For those who played/s rugby will know what number 1 means. But i do have some memories of becoming a goalkeeper...It started when we was form 4...Hilfi and the gangz organized a tournament for the form 4 students base on the state system-(cozz the guyz only are within the range of 100 ++ students)...So i can say that this is my second fotball tournament in mylife...as expected, i was given the chance of becoming the skipper of my team...our team that time is known as Seladang or better known as Perak 2. Why we were called Perak 2 is because we all from Perak State and with full of respect to all my team members, the players in my team can be considered as second-tier as compared as Perak 1 (the other team). If im not mistaken during the draw was made, we were supposed to be in a group without the team of Selangor 1. The group together of Selangor 1 consist of Perak 1, Selangor 1,Negeri Sembilan-Melaka and Selangor 2. But due to complicated matters, Perak 2 was swapped with Perak 1 in order to make sure that Perak 1 can go further in latter stages. Never mind. We didn't have the power to change things around. Our first match was Perak 2 Vs Selangor 2. Frankly, Selangor 2 was a better team. But during that match, I juz kept fine goalkeeping routine to make sure the ball didn't roll into the back of my net...Thanx God, during that day, a stoppage time goal from Faqih Puzi ( my SMKASAS old friend) seperate the 2 side. Perak2 beat Selangor2 with goal margin of 1- nil. Our next game was schedule to be versus Selangor 1. Selangor 1 consist lots of school players...one of them that I could remember until now is Ikram Abd Hakim- 2004 Kisas Athlete Of the Year -Hurm...I was nervous at that particular time...It was just like a match like fully strength Manchester United Vs Stoke City..They as Man U and surely us as the Stoke City...At that moment I couldn't predict what is the scoreline. But for surely it was an uphill task. Mission imppossible actually...At the end of the day, I conceded 8 goals and Perak1 didn't score even a single goal...I told u already. They were much better in all aspects...defends, attacks...everything...It just like comparing a brand new Mercedez Benz and an old Kancil car...hurm...my team was down...At that moment I could feel the unjustice of swapping our team with Perak1...But what to do...Juz could wish them well..( They:Perak1 reached the Final but eventually lost against Selangor1)...The last match was against Negeri Sembilan-Melaka...to make things easier, we lost that match 1-2...our goal scored by Ahmad Faiq Mukhtar with a lovely curling ball ( although that time he didn't recover from knee injury)...but to make things worst...i conceded a terrible goal! Hilmi Murtadza score from the middle of the field like the Xabi Alonso long range effort...at that time I tried to catch that ball, but without wearing any gloves, and lack of match fittness,to ball tht i was going to catch slip and rolled into the back of the net. The 2nd goal was a superb finish from him...I was very frusrated...All in all,Perak2 was out of the competition...we managed to secure only 1 points in 3 match. To make things worst, when Selangor2 Vs Selangor1, the lost with a lesser margin thanx to 'pre-match conversation' between them...Haha...those were all of our young days...Please don't get it wrong, i didn't 'sakit hati' or whatever related to it, it is juz 'a piece of my mind'...Hahahahahaha....

Friday, September 12, 2008

LIfe In Manipal

To all my manipal fwenz...Hurm... juzz to recollect back the Video that we made together for the Batch 22 Orientation Day...and of course, I played quite a major role in it...enjoy it!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

South India Movies??

Actually, for the local South Indian People, South Indian Movies are as hot as the Hindi Movies, this I have observed during my South India Trip. Hurm.....Suprisingly, there are no Hindi Movies on the advertisement board!!! If the Hindi Movie Industry is known as Bollywood, what about the Tamil and Malayalam Movies?? -Check it out...

My Bike- It name is--> THE LEGEND

Why I choose ' The Legend'? Simple ..because it is one of the oldest bike in Manipal...As a matter of fact, it is older than me....wakakakaka..seriously, although it is 33 years old, but it still tough, robust, smooth as always bring me to my college...Ashvin, one of my senior in batch 18 ( Yeah, he flew back to Malaysia already) told me that, to ride a big bike, you need to 'feel' it.....So..are you ready to 'feel' it???

Friday, September 5, 2008

mY FiRsT P0$T

Actually, there are lots of things in my mind which I would like to post them all...but I can't afford to because I can't manage to it in one shot. Huh...Technically, I am new with this/myblog but basically I knew what 'BLOGs' is all about.What it mean. The passion of the 'BLOG'. It might be a medium for people to express themselves, telling stories, selling products, bussiness, politics, football, sports, blah2 blah2...But as for myself is concern, in my blog, its all about me.....