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Monday, July 13, 2009

MIcrobes and Football

Hurm...actually I had Microb Prac tomorrow but I can't sleep till now...or in other word, don't have the desire to sleep tonight as I usually had previously...so..let me share with u guy something; If these microbes can play football, I will select them as my 1st eleven...exclusive for lock 4 microbes only...

Goalkeeper --> Trichomonas vaginalis...the reason I pick it because, T.vaginalis have 5 flagella ( 4 anterior flagella and another one is the lateral flagella, it only have the trophozoite form, or active form..NO CYST form...so the advantages are with its 4 'hand' it can save a lot of shot!!!

Right and Left Back--> I would like to choose Isospora belli and Crptosporidium parvum to play in that role. This is because, both organism they usually occur as cyst in the soil, means that they are resistant with all the attacks that are launched against them.

Centre back--> Herpes Simplex Virus(HSV) is no doubt be the best candidate for this role. It can become latent trying to replicate and when there's stimulating factor, automatically it will reactivate and march it's back 4 line.
I think that its partner will be Human Papilloma Virus. This organism can either integrate its genome in Human's DNA or the genome being episomally, hence has the suitable character of being strong and protect the goal second after the goalkeeper.

Offensive Midfielder--> I'll choose HIV as the OMF, though that it takes long time to totally infect an induvidual, but due to its effectiveness, persistent plus constantly undergoing mutation via its 'env' gene, hence it can be one of the best player to lepfrog the opponent's defence.

Defensive Midfield- Gardnerella vaginalis....actually it is a Gram Negative NON MOTILE Bacili...huhu...but, being as non motile, it can have more time to defence and will absolutely defence during the 90 minutes match!!! Credit for that!!

Winger- I'll choose Treponema pallidum. Why? Easy- it has Corkskrew motility which can have extension and flexion as part of it. As a microbes, that's somewhat we call as 'bonus' in a football field.
The other winger I'll select Burkholderia pseudomallei. Hurm..I don't know why. But one thing for sure it is a motile (Gram Negative Bacilli), which a minimum requirement to be sellected as 'attackers'

Supporting Striker(SS) &Captain--> Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Hurm, being a Gram Negative Bacili with all the virulence factor it got; adhesins, enzymes ( elastase, phospholipase and lecithinase ) and the most important is with, the addition of Pyocyanin- role to suppress all the other organism in multiple bacterial infections, can make all the other teammates bear and follow his order.

Center Forward--> I'll choose Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Why? Simple- Due to the virulence factor that it has, such as Por, Opa, RMP, LipoOligosaccharide, Pili, IgA protease, such failure of virulence factor can be well 'subtituted' with the other virulence factor. All in all, the opposition will no doubt fear against it!

X!0M@N!@[$ Prop.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Posting ini adalah bukti aku tak sokong!!!

Aku X SOKONG!!!!!!!!!!!
Aku bukan x sokong dianjurkan sukan supremo...bersukan pon...kalau nak dikaitkan ada sebilangannya sunnah nabi...korang anjurkan, aku maen...siap skor goal lagi...naik saham sukan supremo...mane x nyer..last time aku maen jadi keeper, kali nie jadi striker...tapi nie bukan topik utama...

Aku bukan x sokong korang nak anjurkan ball....aku bukannya x sokong korang nak g ball...kalau nak g...pergilaa... xder masalah...pergi sana boleh makan makanan yang sedap lagi enak, boleh kenal2 lan...I mean, no problem with that...

Aku tau aku nie bukan orang yang penting dekat manipal...aku nie orang biase aje...(tapi atas padang lain laa..hehe)...tapi aku x sokong laa cara2 kawan2 aku berpakaian...aku x nak sebut nama...sendiri pahamlaa....dulu masa aku junior dekat manipal boleh kata hampir 99.9% kawan2 aku yang berkadpengenalan Islam berpakaian dengan SOPAN...tapi..sekarang percentage tue daa turun ...aku tau nie negara India, negara Republik, tapi dekat negara aku, MALAYSIA, negara demokrasi, aku boleh tulis dengan bebas pasal nie, sama dengan korang dengan BEBAS pakai camtu...

Aku tulis nie bukan nak hentam korang...aku tulis nie tanda aku x sokong and tanda aku berikhtiar untuk sayangkan diri aku ( supaya aku akan lebey berwaspada supaya aku, bakal bini aku, and anak2 aku x buat camtue...Ya Allah, permudahkanlah) dan aku sayangkan nur-nur Iman yang terdapat dalam diri korang sebagai umat Islam...jangan salah sangka...

Seingat aku, dalam berdakwah kita bukan aje ajak orang buat baik, kite jugak kena tegah orang buat mungkar!!!

X!0M@N!@[$ Prop.