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Monday, October 20, 2008

Snippets 3

A hectic week 12/10/2008-19/10/2008
1. Organized Marshmellow Raya Open House 17/10/2008. Thanx for coming. Insyallah if God will, we'll organized again next year. Yeah!
2. Attended 69 Ananth Nagar Open House. Thanx for the marvelous 'Mini Festival Foods'
3. Attended Swanagiri's Open House. The Nasi Lemak was fantastic.
4. Attended Walimatul Urus: Encik Mohamad Firdaus Mohd Aslam & Pn Ain Abd Razak. May God Bless both of u, and moga berkekalan ke anak cucu.
5. PBL, SDL Microbiology, SDL Pharmacology-Class Test, Self Revision. Arghh!!!!

X!0M@N!@[$ Prop.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


MY First Week In 2nd Year MBBS...

First of all Alhamdulillah...I've get through my 1st year MBBS examination...One of my hurdles to become a doctor is over...there will be plenty more to come, that's for sure...Speaking about hurdles, either we realized or not, the biggest hurdle is not the examination...can you guys believe that the biggest hurdle, not just in this course but in our daily life is ourselves!...HUrm..sometimes, we find ourselves too lazy to study, playing games more than study, computer, sleep, lack of ibadah, blah2 and so on...

10 most valuable things I have done in my first week, 2nd year MBBS:

1. Attending the first class of the year in Interact Building-To have a general view and introductio what will happen in this second year.

2. Buying 2nd year books at Victoria Book Stores. Thanx to Cik Afiqah Morshidi Batch 20 for helping me to select all the important books.

3. Taking back 'The Legend' from Rasyid. I really satisfied with the appearance and performance.

4. Renew my swimming pass and had a couple of swimming sessions.

5. Attending biopsy. 2 biopsies in one shot. Not too bad for a debutant.

6. Finish my SDL Microbiology.

7. Malam Ramah Mesra organized by Batch 19 followed by England Vs Kazakhtan World Cup Qualifier match at DinB0's house. Thanx a lot abg2 and kakak2 19 and Yenfaldinho for the snacks.

8. Football Match Friendly against KMC student. We won by a controversial 1-0. Happy to keep a clean sheet. We tried to play with our new signings, Ripe and Haris. New formation as well. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the previous game plan, from our previous games were much more better than this one. Chill!

9. MP Park open house. First time I saw Syazrin ' bertungkus lumus'. Thanx for Tuan2 and Puan2 Rumah especially to Noba.

10. Spend some of my time with Cik Afiqah. Hehe.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Koch's Postulates
First of all, who is Mr Koch? U better know him because it will be asked in the exam...Wakakakakaka.

1.Bacterium should be constantly associated in the lesions of the disease.

2.It should be possible to isolate the bacterium in pure culture from the lesions.

3.Inoculation of such pure culture into suitable labarotary animal should reproduce the lesions of the disease.

4.It should be possible to reisolate the bacterium in pure culture from the lesions produced in the expermental animal.

X!0M@N!@[$ Prop.