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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Last day of January...

Time move so fast... In a blink of an eye, January says 'Goodbye'...

1. In January 2011 alone, b4 this post being finished, i have posted more than 50% as compared to the previous year (2010)

2. Alhamdulillah, Fiqa has safely arrived back in Malaysia at 2030 30/1/2011...x sabar nak jumpe die ( but most likely, she will be gong to Kuantan because of CNY...huhu)

3. As expected. BN won the Tenang-Election for majority more than 3000 voters!! Hurm...Jgn ade duit bawah meja sudah k!

4. The 1st time in a day (yesterday's evening) I burned 600 kcal in one gym session!!! Threadmill + Sliders + Cycling

5. Today I will be going to Melaka GH!!! No more Muar for a month!!! Yahoo!! At least I shall have a good amout of sleep!! haha....

Shall we meet again, HPSF in a month time!

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Hooray!!! Afiqah returns back to Malaysia!!!

I am waiting her for 2 weeks and 2 and half days...
She went back to uk (since.. the time has been mention in the line above) because she wanna visit her sister who was involved in a severe RTA aka Road Traffic Accident.
Between the time, I felt very lonely here in Melaka, as i always spend time with her..( studying in the library, eating, outings etc...)
Last but not least, welcome back dear!!

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Pre-Medicine Block Test Preparation...

I M currently studying for the Med Block test 1...
Previous students said that the test was very very ( again, very very and the word 'very' goes on...) difficult...
Oklaa, while im studying i wanna share something here...

1. The most lethal mushroom in the world--> (Not Aim Dinbo,) but Amanita phylloides!

2. Mirizzi's Syndrome: Obstructive jaundice secondary to compression of the common hepatic duct by a gallstone impacted in the cystic duct, often associated with cholangitis.

3. PSG aka Paris St Germain, is a club where currently the founder of so called 'The Makalele' role playing, Claude Makalele himself! But in relation to my revision, i have made a pneumonic, PSG 2A 2C for drugs that caused obstructive jaundice-->
Prochlorperazine, Sulfonylureas, Gold, Antibiotics, Anabolic steroid, oral Contraceptive, & Chlorpromazine.

4. Budd Chiari Syndrome: Hepatic Vein Obstructionby thrombosis or tumor causing ischaemia and hepatocyte damage, presenting with liver failure or insidious cirrhosis.

5. In hepatitis B infection,
-HBsAg (surface antigen)-present from 1-6 months after exposure
-HBeAg (e antigen)- present from 1-3.5 month after acute illness [ high infectivity]
-Persistent HBsAg> 6months indicates carrier status and occurs in 5-10% of chronic infections
-Anti-HBc implies past infections
-Anti-HBs implies vacciation

6. Monosodium Glutamate aka AJINOMOTO (sometimes being used in junkfruit) if excessively consume can cause activation of CD4 T Helper Cell in the genesis of autoimmune hepatitis! So, kurangkan or delete terus AJINOMOTO in our diet!!!

7. Its been raining all day long today...also today is the Tenang By-election....

8. PSC initially i knew it for peang Shipyard Corporation, but i Medicine, it stand for Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis.

9. In Hepatits C infection, ( Hep C Virus is an RNA- Flavivirus: transmitted most commonly via IVDU, Sexual, contact) 80% will develop chronic carrier, 15-20% liver cirrhosis, and remaining will develop HepatoCellular Carcinoma..

10. Huhu...still alot to cover.. :(

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

A lot has happen....

Between the last time i posted, till now, many things happen, either good or bad, happy or sad...as usual, 10 things i wanna to share~

1. Nur Fariha, Nur Afiqah's sister involved in accident in Manchester, UK. Hopefully she'll recover with all the blessings from Allah...ameen..let us pray for her too...

2. I successfully ( err...) entered my 4th year...actually that 'success' word need to be corrected...I have finished Ortho, ENT, OPHTHAL,...currently medicine~

3. Chelsea FC won the double last season....FA cup and of course THE BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE!!!

4. My father went to New York USA....he was really happy with that....very2 happy...

5. My sister wanna buy a house! Yes, a HOUSE!!What???? Yess..a houselaa.!! Congraz!

6. Malaysia won the Suzuki AFF Cup for the 1st time! Hola HARIMAU MALAYA!!!

7. I played my first ever Interbatch i Melaka...Futsal Champ, and runner-up Football..i missed the football final as i went to lcct to send Afiqah to uk...maybe next time i'll play, B20 won't win the title again...haha..

8. I returned to KL to meet my parents for an average once in a month...went back to Manjung for only 3 times...

9. I bought a bicycle~ RM 350..quite a good strategy--> monthly fuel expenses reduce up to 50%. Haha...

10. Bought a set of dumbbell, gym exercise ball &exercise mate( aka tikar, sorry if spelling wrong) But I couldn't optimize the usage while i'm in current postings because i feel very exhausted and lethargic after coming back from Muar...hopefully in melaka posting, i can use it!!!

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