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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ops Diet

I started my -what is so called " Ops Diet Program " 2 weeks ago and thanx God, It works!!! Yah00!!!. In 2 weeks time I managed to reduce 3.7 kilogram.What a marked achievement.
Here there some tips for those who want to share:

1. I reduced my Carbohydrate intake as maximum as possible. Especially rice,bread.

2. I Increase my protein intake in my meal. Chicken, Fish are good sources of protein. But I have to make sure that the chicken is purely chicken without eating its fat, although it is very tasty.

3. Double/Tripple the vegetables intake. Fibers can make us easily achive fullness ( I am not sure my grammar right or wrong, but what i mean is 'kita senang kenyang').

4. Instead of having 3 grand meals per day, I try to have 5-6 meals per day. Hahahaha. It sound ridiculous but what I mean is 5-6 SMALL meals. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are compulsory. Between those meals only moderate glucose fruits is allowed ( Banana can be excluded ).

Actually our body need energy to digest and process the food. By increase the amount of quality meals per day, our body tend to do more works, the body metabolism will increase and hence burn the fat easily.

If we take high carb source, the carb that is not used will be stored as fat.
Instead, protein are complex structure, consist of many bonds and linkage. To digest protein meal, lots of energy reguired. And from where the energy come from? One of the sources is our own fat storage.

5. If I have time,I just browse the Internet and read articel regarding DIET as it can inspire me a lot.

6. If I feel hungry, I will tend to do 2 things, either drink plain water, or eat fruit. Actually feeling hungry is a good sign for me as more fat is burned!!!

7. Say no to canned drink, chocolates, sandwiches and all the other snacks.

8. One thing that I used to do is to eat the white egg without consuming the yellow one. White egg has high protein availability, and further explaination I have described above.

9. I go for sport as maximum as I can. Football, Jogging, Swimming.

10. Increase Metabolism + Decrease Carb = Decrease weight!!!!

Note; I'm doing this not to show off or anything related to it. Basically I wanted to inspire myself as long as I can, and achive maximum decrease of my weight. When I was small till now, I haven't achive optimum BMR., and I think, now is the best time to move on!!!
Please pray for my success...

X!0M@N!@[$ Prop.

Mumbai Oh Mumbai...

Mumbai Under Attacked!!!!

Again, the terrorist had launched an attack which cause lots of problems to the entire world. This time the attack took place in Mumbai. As a student studying in India I felt very frusrated as it not the first time this type of incident happen during my studies here. From the rumours that I heard, this high-profile attack was masterminded by one of the group located in South India. But the Indian goverment had link this attack with groups from neighbouring countries. A question rise here, who is the culprit behind this incident??--> Only God know.
But one thing for sure,for those who launched this kind of attack," Hey! won't be forgiven for life!!!"

1. Mumbai Map

2. Location- Taj Hotel, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 27/11/2008.

3. Note: ( Below ) 10 Months back...My friend and I had been to that place 10 months back. That time we just walked nearby the hotel to reach the Gateway of India. BUt now, things change...Huhu...

4. My father phone me just now. He had asked me about the security in India right now. As he had planned a visit in Manipal in February, this kind of incidence concerned him a lot. I told my mother to see the 'trend' of the attack right now-how many more, places of attack, etc- from
now on till February.

5. The damage that they had done were totally unhuman being..Hopefully everything will go back to normal with all the culprits being sentenced.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am very confidenct in so called THE REJUVENATED TEAM

1. I was in Blue Jersey without any number- Yeah Goal Keeper!!...This is the only picture I have during this match. Tuepon cilok dr blog Khalis...

2. I could not believe I saved a penalty during that match... The fans chanted my name after making the save- "Saper yang save? Sean!!!"3x- & Being applauds during the post match was one of the memorable moment in my life...it could not be described with any words, but for my teammates- Thanx because always have faith in me!!! ( Terharu sampai nak nangis!! )

3. I heard that the penalty taker was hyper-over confident and hyper-underestimating us as THE REJUVENATED TEAM.
" You have cross the line!!"
Hey pal, you made a big mistake, I'm writing here not to show off, but if you read this, never ever in football, you underestimating your opponent.

4. Why I called my team THE REJUVENATED TEAM? Actually the core this team was not found or formed here in Manipal, but it had already exist during my studies in KTT-MYself, Khalis, Ustad, Arip, Faiz, Din, Syed, Ogy . When we came here, we mixed up with the new lads- Iman, Nooh, Atuk, Hezry, Hadi, Arem. This team played vs Batch 17 and we lost 1-2 ( I don't know why the Batch 17 cancel the 1st match between us though at that time no other people use the field).
I thinked one the 2nd goal conceded was due to my fault. Then we played a friendly match vs Batch 18 and we lost 0-2. I stormed out of the field and never went back to the field for almost 5 months. I did intensive fitness-swimming every day rather going to the field. To make thing complicated, at one point I decided to hang up my gloves. During my absence, the team had try many ways to fill up the gap left by me. But all the tactics was useless. After hardly thinking, I decided to make a U-turn and join the team back.
In Supremo 2008, with only 4 days of training, I managed to keep all clean sheets during my 3 matches Supremo Debut. I didn't play the last match because I was admitted to the hospital as a result of 'pharyngotonsilitis'. We managed to win all 4 matches and was crowned The Supremo Champion 2008.
Dinbo, our intelligent right back said that, "After all the hurdles we faced together, and go till this far, this is a 'Rejuvenated Team'." And that was the 1st football title we managed to achieve together. And that also was the reason The Rejuvenated Team got its name.

5. Sequence that lead to penalty:
During the 3rd quarter of the second half--> The opposition attack through my right side--> There are 2 of our players involved: No 15 and No 13 with one of the opponent player--> My teammates wanted to clear the ball,BUT--> Plz correct me if I am wrong, I didn't see a 100% sure of any tackles involved, but out of sudden the opponent player felt down--> Penalty said the refferee.

6. Before the penalty:
I went to discuss with our Captain Marvel which way to go. Capten Khalis said, " Go and dive to your left, the same spot that Milakh scored." I heard that their penalty kicker was very arrogants, saying that he would score and finished off this game. Then I tried to calm myself and prayed a lot to God asking for His Bless.

7. During the penalty:
I could see the opponent as it was very dark plus the light was not sufficient. When the refferee blew his whistle, I quickly dived to my left side and luckily-ALHAMDULILLAH- the ball went to my left side and hit my face and someone cleared for a corner. IT WAS A SAVED!!!! All my teammates ran towards me and we were back into the game. The fans chanted my name!! What a moment!

8.Note my gloves that I used during the match below.- It was the same glove I used for the previous tournament: Supremo. Actually the glove was 'koyak' and I managed to sew it just before the game. Thanx to Nad for her needle and thread.

9. My training ball inside my house. Bought it from a-Ikhsan SERI MANJUNG.

10. Actually, after saving the penalty, I didn't deserve the credit personally. It was all due to the my teammates performances. Plus I think it is too early for us to be defeated, and It shouldn't happen too easily. As for conclusion, I HAVE THE FAITH WITH THIS SO CALLED REJUVENATED TEAM.

X!0M@N!@[$ Prop.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mr Vincent Left The Instituition


Its been a long time that I had not posting anything in this blog. Actually I was busy doing many important things that can be subdivided into studies ( SDL,PBL,IL, Assignments, Journal Reports ) and non studies matter ( My inaugural Diet Programme, Football Training, Iqra ). Actualy in this post, I would like to share with u guys regarding my former mentor, Dr Vincent Roriguez who is now teaching in AIMST Kedah.

When I entered my second year, i hardly have the oppurtunity to meet him because i'm adjusting with my work loads though at that particular time he was still around the ICHS building. But during my second week of my second year academic calender, I heard some rumors stating that he would leave the instituition. I tried to meet him but it was useless. Neither me nor him had the oppurtunity to meet with each other.

But at last, my 'menti' mates manage to organize a small farewell party for him, and that was the last time I met him. I asked him the reason with his supprised decision. He told me that The Anatomy Head Of Department, Mr S.N Somayaji had recommended him to have a taste of experience of working abroad. He also mentioned that the former MAHE rules allowed their lecturers to take leaves and working abroad, but now the rules seem to be no longer exists.

As for tribute to him, he was a nice guy, during his time with us. He inspired me alot during my 1st year University MBBS Examination. It was very sad to leave him, but that'life, and life must always keep moving on. So good luck and all the best for you sir in your future, and do not forget us here!!!

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