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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Houseman in Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) Vs Hospital Seri Manjung (HSM)

5 things about SGH & another 5 about HSM

1. Working in SGH was super duper hectic and tiring. Never had a chance to watch an English Premier League Match nor Malaysian Super League. At that time I even didn't know at all that my favourite club Chelsea FC buying Demba Ba from Newcastle United.

2. Some if the MOs in SGH like a very BIG BIG BOSS. Even the specialist also were nicer compared to the 'some' MOs. Mind my word; some, not all!

3. In SGH,Off to work at 5.30am and reached home at 9 or 10 at night for almost everyday in a week!

4. Chances of extension was very high in SGH. O&G, Paeds come 1st, followed by Ortho, Surgical and medical. When I was in Paeds, most of my seniors get extended. Higher expectations perhaps. I was lucky enough to complete Paeds Posting without any extensions!

5. In a tertiary center like in SGH, I still can imagine how there was no printer to print all the investigations! Just imagine, I did my oncall alone, need to take blood, then I need to send myself the blood to thw lab, wait another 1 hour, then go back to the lab to trace the results. Sometimes the results still not ready. The Mos will asked this and that. If something happen during my time walking to send and tracing blood/results I would be the one getting the blame. Its somehow very unfair. Hopefully things change nowadays.

6. In HSM, though its not that hectic but the stayback shift makes me feel damne tired. But nevermind, still can go back home to see and sleep with my cuttie little daughter! Yeay!!!

7. MOs here treat the houseman like a colleague. Its because MOs are a senior colleague. Once we completed our HOship well become an MO too...

8. In HSM, went to work at 6.30 or 6.45 and get the chance coming back at 5 or 5.15 almost everyday. But u need to be super duper efficient, and good communication with your colleague.

9. There are still chances of getting extended. But the rate is not sky high. Among all Medical is the highest is HSM. Almost nil in O&G, surgery and ortho (during mr suresh era)

10. Though sometime the PPK quite lame in HSM, but the printer is available! Just need to call the respective lab number, then the results will be printed in front of you! 

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Apart from the previous post, it has been almost a year I have  not blogging...

1. Im officially a papa on the 20 September 2013. Yeay!. Love u both..mama and dearie daughter

2. Did aqiqah for my daughter on the 6th of her birthday.

3. Attended almost all the vaccinations for my baby! Yippie. I wondered if I have time to attend it if Im in Kuching. With due respects to SGH, it is dam* unfair asking us to work almost everyday in 4 ******months!!!

4. I am a houseman in Hospital Seri Manjung. Started with ortho (3rd posting). Completed ortho posting uneventfully. Was seen as a regular in OT. Had a couple of  wound debridement done. Had once considered to do ortho as MO ship. We ll see how it goes.

5. O&G was my fourth posting. 2nd in HSM. People said that the most important thing is VE, which totally agreed! All went well except my End Of Posting leave. From 7 days cut down to 2. Missed my chance to went back to Kuching...argh!!!

6. Then my medical posting. Will share  regarding this posting later. Another 1 more week....

7. Although tentatively it is more chillexing from SGH, But the schedule are more packed here in Hospital Seri Manjung. Therevare lots of stayback shift  (6.30am to 10.30 or 11 pm)which require us to work more time in Hospital. Average of 75 hours per week!

8. Anesth vs Casualty.  Im choosing anesth. hopefully I can enter anesth!

9. For the first me in my life fasting in ramadhan as a dad! Though my little cutie  daughter also woke up, but her tok ayah really like her so much in the very early in the morning! !

10. Raya-ing as dad!!! Yahoo....Selamat hari raya!!!

Selamat Hari Raya 2014!

Its been a long year since the last entry...huhu

1. 1st raya in Penang. Brought my wife and daughter to meet with their tok nek jah and tok nek wan.

2. Raya eve, 2nd and 3rd day of raya still working in Hosp Seri Manjung

3. Off to Kuching on the postcall day 3rd Hari Raya.

4. 1st time Hari Raya as a dad. Im very proud of it.

5. Again, people in Kuching wear baju melayu

until more than a week of raya! Raya sakan!. I like the spirit!!!!

6. Happy to see my daughter plays with her cousins- Aziz & Aishah ( little cuttie Aishah daa besar = ) )

7. Feel chillex as Im off from hospital for few days~ yeay...

8. I still vote ketupat palas is the best among all ketupats/lemangs


X 1000000000. HAHAHA......