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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Buzz, buzzing, buzy~

Currently I am in the 2nd week of surgery posting. Seniors said that this is the most challenging posting from all. So, I think I might reduce my blogging activities.
Sorry for the inconvinience.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Fantastic 2nd week

People say that the time pass so fast. In a blink of an eye my holiday almost over. Today is Friday. Just wanna freshen my mind of what I've been doing in my 2nd week of holiday;

last Friday- cycle to Masjid with bicycle. I think the distance is more far as compared from my hostel in Melaka to Masjid al Azim-the mosque where I usually pray in Melaka. Then I packed some stuff to be brought back to Penang. As Ayah and Ibu returned back from KL, in the evening we went for an early dinner at Secret Recipe plus enjoying eating the cakes there too.

Saturday- Went back to see my Tok and Wan (of my father's side). 'Tok' is meant for 'grandma' and 'Wan' is meant for 'grandpa'. The word nenek/ tok nek is usually meant for the 'great grandma'. As for the 'great grandpa' for this time being, just assume as KIV. I drove all the way from Manjung to Penang. Before we (me, ayah and ibu) arrived there we stopped by to buy Ikan Bawal for lunch. The meal was superb and also cheap. Nothing much has been done on the day itself after arriving there other than chatting with Tok, but at night we (+ Wan) went to Nasi Kandar Beratur. Fullamak, panjang giler orang beratur dekat situ~. The food was marvellous and I give it 9/10.

Sunday- Had breakfast at Acik Mus House and makan Bihun wit roti canai. After that, me ibu ayah wan and tok went to TAnjung Dawai and bought some ikan masin

~Returned back to Seri Manjung, and well managed to watch Liverpool vs Man U with Astro Beyond HD! Wow. The good news was Man U was defeated that night and that gave an advantage to Chelsea! Hooray!!!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday- Basically I enjoyed it by playing Mahjog with My mom- quite addicted playing it. Sometimes my mom won the game, but almost all the time, it was me! haha...At night I had the symptoms of hepatic encephalopathy- reversed sleep pattern just to watch the Uefa Champions League- Barcelona Vs Arsenal (Barca won 3-1) & Tottenham Vs Ac Milan-Spurs won via away goal rule.

Friday- I helped my neighbour preparing what is necessary for the daughter's wedding. The Akad Nikah is today itself whereas the wedding ceremony will be tomorrow.

Saturday- 12.30a.m I went to fetch Syahmi at Manjung Bus Station who was just arrived from Seremban. I made a mini birthday celebration for him as both ayah and ibu already asleep.
Today got kenduri kawen at rumah Jiran. Auntie Noor's daughter is married with a guy from Kedah. In the afternoon, me, syahmi, ibu and ayah went to Damansara Damai...

Sunday- Sob2...a very sad day...my holiday is over already..huhu...Drove back all da way to Melaka with AEN 5454...

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Home Alone

Home Alone...
As usual, I began my day with a morning jog, followed by shopping some groceries at TESCO Seri Manjung. Nothing much happen during the day time, but the night was marvellous. I watched Perak Vs Harimau Muda via Astro Arena Channel 801 with both team held in a 1-1 draw match thanx to a last-minute free kick goal scored by the Perak left back. The Young Tiger played a very high tempo game, resulting Perak was shocked and outplayed in the 1st half. But the Perak game was much better in the 2d half.
After the game ended, I watched WWE until 12.30...

Wednesday morning started as early as 3.30a.m to watch Chelsea vs Man U. The game was very interesting as Chelsea came from behind to win the match thanx to the equalizing goal scored by Chelsea new boy, David Luiz (although he might be sent off that night) and a penalty scored by (who else?) Frank Lampard. Man U scored a first half goal by Wayne Rooney-his 7th of the campaign. The most interesting part was, I watched it with Astro Beyond HD via 54' LED TV. That's superb!!! Its been a long time that I haven't enjoyed watching football. Yeah!! After performing the subuh prayers, I slept until 12noon. In the evening, I went for jogging and double the amount that I usually did ( because I didn't jog in the morning). At night I watched RED> Retired Extremely Dangerous casting Bruce Wills as the the main actor and it was a very good movie and worth watching.

Thursday, began with -I cooked spaghetti for my breakfast. Initially it was not that good, but after a proper modification of the meal itself, it became marvellous. Yummy!!! Actually I wanna go for jogging but, it seem to be raining, so I cancelled my jogging. Later I watched the movie The Lost Future~ quite an average movie. Facebooking, watching TVs and checking the mails. Alhamdulillah, JPA has credited my allowances into my account. In the evening, I jogged for 10 rounds!!! Wowo...quite A LOT!!! I ate dinner with the spaghetti that I cooked in the morning and currently I am writing this blog..hehe...the holiday goes on and on~

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