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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I don't know why I like the word rejuvenate or rejuvenation so much but it some how related to me. Haha...
When I close my eyes, I still remembered the day I came to Manipal, nothing was in my mind except study. For me, football was not the the first priority. As I adjusted my life with the medical environment, I slowly involve myself with football.

Initially I played as a Goalkeeper, as at that time my batch lack of GK, and for me, it somehow kind thing that I can help my batch. After all I was a goalkeeper during my time in KTT.
I still remembered in my mind until now, the match vs Batch 17, and how the goals that I conceded, which was later being laughed by those who were 'dark hearted' outside the pitch, and I took that as an inspiration, for me to move on...

When we played our 1st Supremo Game, we beat the mighty Batch 20 in the first game, and we even never looked back, and continued to win the remaining of the game till we claim our first title during our study in Manipal. That time I was still the GK in the team, and the goals that I conceded was--> NIL.- It somehow was a message for those who laugh at me at the first place.

During our second Interbatch Tournamment, that time there were few new faces in my batch. We played with new approch in order to suit the team with the player available. That time I faced stiff competition with Bai for the number 1 spot. I could still remember the match Vs Batch 22, when Bai was sick-fever, I was a direct replacement for him. That time when we conceded a penalty, I managed to save Kartik's spot kick and eventually send my team for the Interbatch Final and later won the tournament. Again, saving the penalty somehow was kind a message for those who laughed at me at the first place.

North-South 2009. I supposed to play for the North Team. but the team were packed with MMMC star players, and the most dissapointing thing was not being called up for selection. Never mind. It was not a big deal. As I wanted so much to play the NS game, I joined the South Team and manage to play as a GK for futsal and (sub) CF for football and manage to win both of the game. I still remembered when I entered the field for Ganesha as a SUB in the NS football match, the comentator of that day, always used myself to attract people. I'm not sure whether he intentionally did that or unintentionally. But somehow I felt 'sick' with the comentator that keep on yelling about my size, being big as a CF, and people laughing at me. But again, as usual in my life, I took that sort of things to move forward and I did believe that the 'message' would soon come. The game finished with the team that I played for, manage to win 5-0.

Supremo 2009. I started the tournament as sub CF. In the 3rd game which was Vs 23, I managed to claim a place in the starting 11 and until now I couldn't believe that manage to bag 2 goals in the first half. The first was an assist from Iman, a tap in goal. And the secong was an assist from Khalis, a goal decribed from Khalis himself as a Torres-like goal.Thanks Khalis for that compliment. That game we managed to win 5-0 which was so vital and eventually send our team to the final.

Final Supremo 2009. Batch 21 vs Batch 20. The details of the game you guys can refer my previous post. 3 times in a row and history was made. But scoring in a cup FINAL for me is unbelievable. As I said just now- It somehow was a message for them who laugh at me or somebody else at the first place. I still remembered the faces of those who laughed at me in the old match Vs Batch 17, one thing that I could say here is-NEVER to that to other people. Whether you are a class rep, President of student council, President of IYA, or How skillfull YOU ARE playing football, plz remember that The Almighty GOD is The Great, and He'll always help those who is always being abused/multreated. I'm not trying to show off myself, but that is what I feel deeply in my heart, and God always give me the strength to prove them wrong!

Alhamdulillah. Thanx for my teammates, Batch 21 'The Rejuvenated Team' for giving me chances to play football with you guys. We created history in MANIPAL!!!
Credit to my team mates (according to position in the field)
Bai, Dinbo,Hadi, Abbas, Syed, Atukz, Faiz, HarizJ, Ripe, HarizZ, Ustad, Khalis, Iman, Wafa, Arif, Ogy, Syerry...

X!0M@N!@[$ Prop.

Supremo 2009 Football Cup Final-Batch 21 Vs Batch 20

Date- 16th June 2009
Place- TM A PAI Football Field End Point
Line up-

Batch 21
Syed Kader-CB


Batch 20

Eng Han-CF

In Summary-
As I was playing the game as a CF, I don't have the exact detail of the game...

Batch 21 kick started the game. The first 15 minutes of the game we could see that Batch 20 attack us on and on and on again. Their midfield were solid, but Batch 21 managed to hold on thanx to the defensive line lead by Abbas, Syed, Dinbo, and Hariz( Later was sub with Faiz ) and the Goalkeeper himself, Bai (Who was very calm handling every attack launch by Batch 20)

Around the 20th minute of the game-A pass from Ustad directly to Sean-just managed a slow shot on target and well saved by Z. Sean should have done better that time. His shot is on target, credit to that but it is too low and no where near to reach the back of the net. He can either play Iman on the Left Wing but Batch 20 CB Pooh is too fast, and small mistakes would prove costly to us.
Later they launched a counter attack, started from their RB, but Bai manage to save it, but it was a costly save. Bai collide with their CF leaving the game to stop around 7 minutes ( I guess..) for him to receive treatment. Some of the BAtch 21 fan shouted asking for Sean to take the post, if anything happen to Bai. Well actually If that happen, it will further depleted the Batch 21 team as Arif is not available as a direct subtituition. Luckily that didn't happen and Bai stood back on his own feet and the game resume.

Around the 25 minutes of the game, A ball directly from BAi, who found Khalis, which he later on played Ogy on the right side of the field, manage to pass Iman, and later, Ogy send a low cross to the middle, and the ball somehow rolled to Sean and manage to 'drive' a hard, low and powerful shot- which couldn't handled by Z and GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BAtch 21-1 BAtch 20-0....SEAN with his trademark 'Allan Shearer' Celebration!!! HArizZAhri pulled Sean to the ground and all the Batch 21 celebrate!
Well for the entire 1st 25 minutes we were defending and later we opened the account 1st!!! That could ease some pressure on us....Yeah!!!
Batch 20 re started back the game, and within split second, from their right side of the field they launched an attack which that ended up with Ganesha shot, and the ball reach the back of the net.....GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BAtch 20 started to celebrate but the 'flag' was raised earlier. NO GOAL GIVEN...An 'escape' for batch 21....
Some confrontation from batch 20 players against the officials, but the situation well managed by the refree of the day, Rusyil. The game resume back for a couple of seconds and the refree blew his whistle for half time.
Half time- Batch 21-1 Batch 20-0

The second half of the game re-started by the BAtch 20. Actually in the 2nd half, Batch 20 incresed the frequency and intensity of their attack, but Batch 21 managed to hold on. There were couple of subtituition made by Batch 21- Atukz for Syed, Syerry for Sean, Khalis For Sean, and Syerry for Khalis. BAtch 20 kept attacking on and on and on again.
GAnesha and Muiz well combined upfront and always created trouble to Batch 21. But Alhamdulillah-Thank God, Bai managed to save a lot of shot directed to him and kept his clean sheet.
Sean has another chance to make it 2-0 when create the space for Ogy, which later send a high cross back to Sean but the ball was to high for Sean to head in. Such a wasteful chance to kill off the game.
In the dying minutes of the game ( I am not sure how much time given by the refree for the stoppage time, but I fely it was too long) again, Batch 21 were being attacked badly but thank for the defensive line up- this time Abbas,Atukz,FAiz,and DinbO and Bai himself. Ustad and HArizZahri well combined in the middle and also manage to nullified the attack. Khalis managed to send a hard shot to the goal but it hit the post with Z beaten already. That was the last kick of the game.

Final Score-Batch 21-1 Batch 20-0
Score-Sean (25')
Man Of The Match-BAi

X!0M@N!@[$ Prop.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

2 goals..at last I made my mark as a striker...

When I was playing as a goalkeeper, the more I saved ' shots' from the opponent, the better I am...but being as a striker, its totally a different things...the more goals I scored, the better I am. That's is one of the rule in football and it applies anywhere in this world!!!

I would like to thank to Iman Pokok for the 1st assist, and Khalis for the 2nd assist, and all my teammates that have faith in me...

Actually being a footballer, although as a part time footballer, I wanna play for the whole game but some of my teammates asked me why I didn't play the second half yesterday and here is my reason-
- To give the oppurtunity to my other teammates to play as I used to be SICK sitting on the BENCH!!!
I hope thats clear enough to explain, though it is nice to score a hatric, but all in all the team will come first before personal satisfaction!

X!0M@N!@[$ Prop.