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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Saddest & Happiest Raya

1. I miss my wife, my queen,  my soulmate, my munyi so much. Miss you honey.

2. Many things happen in life. You can be happy the 1st day, then sad on yhe next day.

3. Its hard to take when the love one are taken or being away from you.

4. Really enjoy my raya there in Kuching. People there wear baju melayu for more than a week after raya.

5. Met a lot kinds of people while I am abroad. Most of them only cared about themselves only, only some will think about the others.

6. Soon I will became a pappa. Dear, I really love u so much. Please take care of yourself and our baby. Pappa loves both of you. I feel blessed.

7. Ya Allah, please give us strength in life.

8. All of us do have problems. Iys a matter of how we manage it.

9. Live is simple. Don't make it simpler. I like it.

10. Again, I love you dear, Nur Afiqah Binti Morshidi...

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