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Monday, August 5, 2013

Paediatric Posting in SGH/ Hospital Umum Sarawak

Paediatric is my second and last posting in Sarawak General Hospital. There are lots of ups and downs, but playing with kids somehow make me happy...

1. I am not sure elsewhere, but my tagging time started at 5pm till 11pm (actually it exceeded 11pm, once I went back home almost 1 am, and need to go to work as early ad 6 am the following day). Huh..

2. Houseman here tag for 10 days, which are 5 days in ward and 5 days in nursery. We have our own tagging sheet. Need to do alot of stuff such as clerking 10 general cases, 5 NNJs, 5 blood c&s, 5 participation in resuscitation, 5 interpretation of ABG, and clerking 10 cases in nursery.

3 Started my posting in Paediatric Oncology ward. There I met one of the Giant name in paediatric oncology in Malaysia, Dr Ong Gaik Bee. Struggled for the 1st few days but able to recover in time.

4. Then I went to paed isolation ward. 1st time I was shouted in a ward. The very 1st day. Here I learn a lot of AGE and HFMD cases. Able to met with Dr Ng Hoong Phak. Check his name in the Paediatric Protocol Cover

5. Next, Nursery. The hell among all. The 1st 3 week is very difficult and tough. For most every day I went at 4.30 to 5 am in the morning and went back aeound 8 to 9 pm  Managed to see the rotation of nurses all 3 shifts. Seriously having an OCD mo was very crazy. Once, I need to take full set of blood investigation for 4 babies and another 2 urine in and out cathether for 2 babies in the same SCN. This place really challenge d me to the limit.

6. General Paed 2B. Heaven. As simple as that. 

7. Paed ICU-PICU. Spent 3 weeks there. At this time, I was one of the senior poster already. Bosses and mo's seem to trust us more. So its quite hard hard to repay your bosses trust by not to do any stupid mistakes. I tried to maintain the standard of a senior poster which I could. Its been relaxing for the the entire 3 weeks there, but startedbto get hot on the very last day. Haha.

8. Paed 2B second spell. 4 more days left in paeds. As a senior  poster, I went to home visit to evaluate the condition of child with hime oxygen therapy with Paediatric  Intensivist Dr Chor Yek Kee. We started to go around 10am and we reach ed SGH around 6pm. It was a good experience for me and I learnt alot of stuff.

9. NRP. Neonatal Resuscitation Programme. Failed once but not twice. Haha. If I failed x2, I will be getting extended. 2 values need to remember,  100 & 60. Remeber the basic algorithm too.

10. PALS. Paediatric Advanced Life Support. Im not sure other hospital have it or not. But this tine I passed during my 1st attempt.

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