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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Its been a long long time

1. My last post was back in 2011???!!??

2. Thank God. Syukur. I passed my MBBS. Automatically I am a doctor now.

3. I am blessed that I married the one that I love. I am blessed too that I am awaiting my 1st child. Yahooooo.. 

4. Working for almost everyday in 8 months time really challenging and take me to the limit. Housemanship in Sarawak is challenging but working for almost everyday is ridiculous.

5. Goverment or ministry of health need to look in depth how to ease the burden of houseman in SGH. I am serious.

6. This year I will be celebrating raya for the 1st time in Sarawak.

7. I had celebrate raya without my parents back in Manipal days. So this is not the 1st time.

8. I will be transferring to Hospital Seri Manjung as a 3rd poster with effective date of 19 August 2013

9. I really hope and pray so that my wife can cope or manage on her own during my absence.

10. May God bless us all.

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